Ogidaki Mountain - December 17th, 2011

For years, there's been a rare, well-preserved historic Fire Towerman Camp at the base of Ogidaki Mountain.  Likely one of the last of its kind, in its natural state, in Northern Ontario and quite possibly all of Ontario.

Ogidaki Mountain Forest Ranger Camp


In recent years, (after the FireTower days of service), the building was maintained by volunteers and used by hikers who would make stop-over's during the climbing and descending of Ogidaki Mountain.  In the Spring of 2010, a logging company moved into the area and created a road for timber access.  Unfortunately, it didn't take long for vandals to arrive and destroy the building.   The windows were shot out (2010) , both doors were kicked off their frames, 1 door-frame damaged (2011) rammed by a 4 x 4 truck, and the interior sadly ransacked (2011). 


In 2011, the logging company vacated the area and in doing so, dug out the road in 3 locations to restrict car / truck access, therefore potentially reducing future opportunity for vandalism.  However, there is still ATV and snowmobile access. 


The Vandalism

Click on a picture for better viewing

Back door of the Historic Towerman Cabin

The inside Damage

More interior damage


Roof Damage




Main Bedroom




Living room looking into kitchen


Volunteers Repairing the Vandalism

Ogidaki Mountain

Dan Cleaning Up


Jack Bowes

Jack re-installing the Back Door


Sean Hager

Sean installing plastic on the Window Frames 


Jack re-mounting the living room door


Jack enjoying a cup of Coffee


Living Room after the Repairs


Living Room Window and Roof


Master Bedroom after the Clean-up


Sean's nice work on sealing up the Windows


A thermometer we installed and a note prepared to bring awareness of the importance of this building
The Back Door after the repairs. The vandals rammed their truck against the building, so it was difficult to get the door-frame back in place.
Ogidaki Mountain Forest Ranger Camp 
This new sign we mounted on the building.  The trip in via deep snow damaged the corner of the sign

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