Tarbutt Mine

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A nice ride northword along Puddingston Road until you approach this farmer's field


The road does not cross the tracks, therefore, you are on foot from here


The mine is on the other side of this mountain, you can walk around it via trails to the north or south.  Using my GPS, I climbed directly over, then walked the ridge 

Here is a beautiful view from on top of the mountain.  BTW, while climbing, I grabbed a what I thought was a branch! Except this branch wiggled and turned out to be a garter snake 

Here's the entrance to the Adit.  This was developed on or before 1955. 




Interesting picture of an ore car at the entrance of the adit.  I was not able to locate rails, therefore, assume it was a trackless operation.



A snapshot view of inside the adit.

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A sample of the vein that was being mined