Stanrock Mine

1956 - 1970

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Shaft #1 Capped and Marked


Twin Shafts (Shaft #1) Probably Shaft and Skips


Service Raise Capped


Service Raise.  This is one of two service raises located on top of Rooster Rock


Adit - Sealed and Bulldozed.  Mine equipment would drive into the side of the mountain to go underground


Road to the townsite where there were once an abundance of beautiful homes for Upper Mine Managment to reside


Tailings - Now well vegetated 


What is left of a utility pole on top of Rooster Rock

On Top of Rooster Rock Looking at Quirke Lake 

Tailings Dam


Tailings Site


Not sure why this was left behind


A fork in the road where the massive Mine Mill once stood


Main Menu

Abandoned Building