Ranwick Mine

Montreal River

Photos Taken August 2009

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An abandoned Uranium Mine dating back to 1949.  Be aware of radon gas, radiation, bats and Rabies. The entrance was almost totally caved in.  There was a small opening between the crashed timbers to allow for a body to squeeze through and get inside the mine.  The air at the entrance was extremely stale and misty.  Once inside, the adit opens up and is actually quite clean and because it was a former tourist attraction in the 1960's and early 1970's, the ground is nicely cemented to walk on.  A very straight and flat adit going in more than 1000 feet.  We went to the end.


Ranwick Entrance


Caved in


A real mess


Jack crawling in


Jack is down there


From the inside looking out


Dan working way into mine


Almost in 


Mold and Mildew


Jack exploring



Sample bench

A collector's item (leave it there)

Old vent pipe

An old jackleg

Stop for Break

Checking the waste rock pile

Radioactive Pitchblende

At Drift Cross-Cut

Jack heading out

Jack working way through timber mess

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Dan exiting mine

Ranwick Mine
Located Just Past Montreal River Harbour