Quirke II Mine

(New Quirke)


This abandoned mine (also known as New Quirke) is located approximately 14 kilometres north of Elliot Lake.  Turn right onto the Panel mine road and travel for approximately 2 kilometres.

I worked in this mine from 1981 to 1983 (500, 600, 700, 800 and 1100 levels).  My father also worked here  from 1968 until his retirement in the early 1990's.

My shift-bosses were:  Remi McLean, Brian McGuire, John Thompson and Fred Nagal.

Here are some of the guys I worked with:  Pat Dobransky, Fern Fessel, Robbie Robinson, Kevin Stainthorpe, Dave Williamson, Blair Boilard, Bob Macintosh, Brian Cox, Bill Bryson, Don Moffatt.   I also remember others including:  Scott Cawston, Gerald Foote, Eddie Bouchard, Glen Bowser, Tim Goodchild, Bob Casey, Blake Cook and Mike Berube.

Today, there is nothing left in terms of buildings, however you can still identify various shafts (mine and ventilation) that are now capped with cement and of course the train adit in the side of the mountain that once allowed for the hauling of uranium ore from underground operations to the Quirke I mill, a few kilometres to the north.

What Quirke II used to look like during the production days!

Quirke II Uranium Mine



What the Quirke I and Quirke II mines look like today

Quirke Mine

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