Point Aux Mines

Mid 1800's


Photos Taken September 2004

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I found this site to be absolutely breathtaking. Not only is it beautiful in terms of scenery, you also get to witness remnants of some early day mining techniques.  The story has it that the ore mined at this location was loaded on boats then shipped south.


This is a snapshot of Alona Bay. The Camry Uranium Mine is nestled in the background of those hills


Here is the old Highway 17  just before Alona Bay.  Travelling it for a short distance will bring you directly to waterfront level


This is Point Aux Mines, which is directly south of Alona Bay and approximately 1 kilometre walk westerly from Highway 17


Back in the late 1800's boats used to travel into shore, load up the ore, then leave


As you can see, they mined the ore veins only


Interesting to see how years of erosion due to weathering takes it's toll


Trenched the Ore Veins only

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Trenched the Ore Veins only