Lacnor Mine

1956 - 1960

Also Called the "Lake Nordic" Mine

I remember visiting this property many times in my younger years.  There is no doubt, this is prime bear country!  Almost every visit we made resulted in Bear sightings.  I remember one day, we were climbing the side of the mountain (seen in right side of photo), as we were making our ascend towards a ledge, we spooked a bear that was on a parallel ledge approximately 20' away.  The bear ran for cover.  We continued our ascent without any issues.  This is one of many sightings.  We also spotted a humongous turtle, (I mean huge with at least a 24" length shell),  in Sheriff Lake which is located directly behind Lacnor Mine. Other sources have also spotted the same turtle on different occasions in Shefif Lake.  

  Although the mine is no longer in production, the mining company was using it as a storage location for a variety of items up until the early 1990's.  For a short time in the early 1990's, it also became home for many derelict cars and was informally considered the local car dump.


LacNor Mine

Photo kindly donated by Dave Rowe who now lives in Austrailia.  Dave and parents lived at Sheriff Creek Townsite in 1959

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