Jardun Mine

1951 - 1957

Jarvis Township


 Jardun Mine General Store


Photos kindly donated by Gen Waszczylo


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The Jardun Mine General Store was owned by Bill and Anna Wielgus.  Mr. Wielgus worked in the mine while Mrs. Wielgus operated the store.


These 5 photos Courtesy of

the Late Paul McLarty


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About the Jardun Mine

There are at least 3 shafts and possibly more spread out over a 1.5 kilometre range.  The cap on one of the shafts has been busted open by someone, which has now created a deadly hazard...so use extreme caution when on-site and watch where you are walking or you could possibly be going straight to the bottom.

Ore mined at this location include:  Lead, Silver, Gold, Copper and Zinc