Jardun Mine

1951 - 1957

Jarvis Township


 Jardun Mine General Store


Photos kindly donated by Gen Waszczylo


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The Jardun Mine General Store was owned by Bill and Anna Wielgus.  Mr. Wielgus worked in the mine while Mrs. Wielgus operated the store.


Photos Courtesy of

Paul McLarty

May 2004


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About the Jardun Mine

There are at least 3 shafts and possibly more spread out over a 1.5 kilometre range.  The cap on one of the shafts has been busted open by someone, which has now created a deadly hazard...so use extreme caution when on-site and watch where you are walking or you could possibly be going straight to the bottom.

Ore mined at this location include:  Lead, Silver, Gold, Copper and Zinc