Jardun Mine (Adit)

Approximately 1/2 kilometre West of Jardun Mill

In the side of a mountain north of Sandy Lake

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This adit is part of the Jardun Mine and is located north-west of the original town-site along the water's edge and up into the bush.  No major hazards with the exception of some loose at the adit entrance.  Poor air quality was encountered in one drift that branched eastward from the main drift. 


Jack crossing the river


Dan heading across


Stop along the way


The Jardun West Adit




Jack on his way in


Dan entering mine


Jack ready to explore


Inside looking out


Staging for Miners

Mining Upward...and above

Old Ladders and Timber

Rock and Staging Supports

Dan climbing onto Staging

Jack climbing onto Staging

Jack exploring further into the mine

A real Bat Cave...check out the droppings!

Thank goodness for rubber boots

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