Algoma Galena Mine

Searchmont Highway - South of the Goulais River Banks

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2 adits, remnants of an old building and a large compressor engine make this hike a worthwhile trip.  Park your vehicle on the side of the Searchmont highway.  Your hike brings you northward between the Searchmont highway and Goulais River.  The first part of the trip will have you decending down into a valley, then you will head back uphill.  Both mine adits are located next to swamps, therefore you will need to hike around both. 


Start Here


Take the trail into the bush


Some ore samples on the way in 

Hike around swamp


1st adit  


Another view of 1st adit



2nd adit

Another view of 2nd adit

Old compressor engine

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Algoma Galena Mine