1960's and 1970's

I was very pleased to receive an email from Bill Glover who indicated he worked at CopperCorp in the 1960's.  Bill went on to say the original headframe was hit by lighting and burned.  It was replaced with a steel frame.  Thank you Bill for the information and headframe photo


CopperCorp September 2004

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Note:  The site around the main and secondary shaft is littered with nails stuck in broken boards.  Many of the nails are sticking upward.  Caution!

Adit...with water running out like a river


Mined area...approximatley 1 kilometre


Same area but distant photo


Mined out surface flooded



Same area..but from the other side


Bull-dozed remains...nails sticking out all over


Capped Main Shaft

Main Menu

Capped Secondary Shaft