Bi-Ore Copper Mine

1929 - 1932 and 1947 - 1949  

GPS:  46.63055   82.7981

This property has been mined on more than one occasion.  Visits to this location reveal several areas of mining activity (Some still hazardous)All three adits are located along the waterfront, two of which are within 50 feet of one-another.  The third adit is approximately 250 yards away (East)


'Carl Smith's' Memories of the Bi-Ore Mine

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Carl Smith

Carl Smith (Above) at Bi-Ore Mine Office Building 1948-49

Carl Smith, now living in Sudbury, was a former employee of the Bi-Ore Mine between 1948-1950 and has donated a tremendous collection of photos and documentation and will be updated to this website. 

They are currently being scanned and will  be posted here.  Many thanks Carl.

In addition, as you ascend the hillside,  you will encounter a huge trench (hazard), a deep open cut to surface (hazard), a buried shaft and at least 2 raises.  You can visit the MNDM office in Sault Ste. Marie at 865 Queen Street (basement level) to look at detailed maps of this property including the 8 working locations of adits, raises and shafts.  Ask the helpful staff for a photocopy from the AMIS book (Sagard Township). 

Back in the days of production, employees of this mine travelled in from Iron Bridge via the Little White River Valley (now highway 546).  It wasn't until the mid 1960's that highway 639 linked Quirke Mine to the Bi-Ore mine and Little White. 

I remember first visiting this property back in the late 1960's, when the mill (partial) was still in-tack and the adits fully open and iced.

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Once you come off the highway and down the rugged road, you arrive at the south-western shoreline of the lake.


At the top of the mine mountain, there is a man-made Canyon that drops more than 100' down into the mine connecting with the now-sealed adits.


You can walk down into the canyon and actually see the entrance into the raise.  This is a vertical drop and considered dangerous.  Ropes required if you go in!


Here are the remains of a foundation at the water's edge


On the way down to the lake, you will pass this historic chimney


This trench is located on the eastern side of the lake as you walk up the mountain


Adit #2 is located approximately 50' south of adit #1 and is part way up the mountain-side.  It's totally sealed off. (Buried Adit 1368 Ft Long)


As you walk along the shore of the lake, you will notice a rock pile on the shoreline.  In behind the rock pile is adit #3 (Buried Adit 1040 Ft Long)

Someone has been digging out the sealed adit.  You can now see inside and feel the air moving through
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On top of the mountain above the canyon is an open-cut / trench going straight up.

Here's a roadmap showing the main roads in Northern Ontario in the early 1950's.  Notice, the only way to Bi-Ore Mine was travelling in from Iron Bridge on the Little White River Valley road.  Elliot Lake never existed.

Cobre Lake

Cobre Lake from the Air