Crownbridge Mine

1966 - 1970

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This Mine is located between Iron Bridge and Mount Lake, halfway up the Little White River valley on highway 546.

Our first visit to this mine was in 1981.  Both horizontal adits were open allowing us to explore the dark tunnels.  We picked the better of the 2 adits to enter and were able to walk a short distance inside the mine until the adit turned downward into the deep.  We couldn't proceed any further due to mine flooding.

The mill was still intact therefore making it very inviting to investigate. With a flashlight,  we felt our way through the various parts of this dark building and were able to identify several interesting items including large steel balls used in the crushing process. 

Upon arriving at one of the offices, we spotted a copy of the Sault Star dated: 1974.  I'm not sure if this mine was active at that time or someone left the paper  after mine production ceased.

Attached are pictures.  The first picture is a view of the mill, while the second picture is of my wife standing beside a gas pump.  The price on the pump says "53.9 cents" per gallon (not litre).  If you convert it to litres, its "12 cents" a litre. 

When we returned to the mine a second time, the adits were boarded up.  Our third visit in the early 1990's was a shock.  The adits were buried and the mill was gone.  Rumour has it the mill was relocated to another mine, possibly the Gould Mine on highway 129.  I have not been able to confirm this as the mill is no longer standing at the Gould Mine, only remnants of what used to be there

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