Camray Mine

Alona Bay - South of Montreal River

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An abandoned Uranium Mine dating back to 1949.  Be aware of radon gas, radiation, lots of bats and rabies.  We found the air in this adit to be extremely humid, more so than any other adit we have visited to-date.  This is also bat country and based upon the large amount of droppings on the ground this must be one huge bat hideout during the winter months.  The adit is so damp that the bats have a difficult time perching themselves.  So if you plan on walking inside this adit, make sure your neck collar is tight as these critters can drop and end up inside your shirt collar, down your back and possibly bite too!  Remember...Bats can carry Rabies.


As part of the walk into Camray, you will encounter the original highway 17 with pavement still intact.


Here's the adit entrance to the Camray Mine.  It's not directly on the trail, but off to the left, downward in a gully.


Squeeze through the narrows and drop down inside the mine, the air is extremely humid in this adit.


Bring Rubber boots!


Approximately 18" deep in center


Bat Country



Walking Around Loose

Caved In Section

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Camray Mine

GPS:  47.11818   84.68691