Austin Mine

This mine is located north-east of Echo Lake (Echo Bay).  You can access it via ATV or dirt bike, then need to physically hike a mountain and you will locate the mine near the top.  We were able to find one adit and some masonary.  The adit is open and quite dry inside.  Bring a flashlight!  According to some old mining maps, there is a shaft close-by and 3 trenches on the north side of the adit (other side of the mountain).  Good luck and have fun! 

Cougar Sightings

During our trip in that day, we spooked a pair of young cougars standing on the rocky dirt road in front of us (approximately 6 kilometres east of Echo Lake).  The first thing that caught my attention was their long tails and muscular body with a low-rider stance, comparable to that of a germain sheppard, except these were cats.  Obviously much larger than a lynx or fisher.  They took a couple leaps and were gone into the bush.  There was no time to get the camera out.  These cats still had their spots which indicates they were young cougars (cubs).  I was the lead biker in a group of 6 and was no more than 20' away from these cats, when I encountred them coming around a sharp corner.


GPS:  46.58865  83.9730


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