Ogidaki Mountain

( 40 Kilometres North of Searchmont ) 

Ogidaki Mountain

The highest peak in the Algoma District at 2200' +-

2200' +- Elevation (* See Note Below)
GPS #1 GPS #2 GPS #3
GPS #1 - 2203' GPS #2 - 2202' GPS #3 - 2202'

(* Confirmed readings taken from 3 of our GPS Units.  www.OntarioHighPoints.com has also recorded an average reading of 2200' for Ogidaki Mountain.

    Ogidaki Mountain 
Historic Fire Towerman Cabin Ogidaki Fire Lookout Tower  A view from Ogidaki Mountain 


** N O T E **

Ogidaki Mountain 

There's a rare, well-preserved, historic Towerman cabin located at the 1900' level of the mountain (part way up Ogidaki Mountain). It's the last one known standing in all of Ontario, in its natural setting and over the years has been maintained by volunteers including my colleagues and I.  Hikers use it as a 'Base-Camp' before or after ascending Ogidaki Mountain.

Sometime during the summer of 2011, a group of idiots decided to ransack the building, causing considerable interior and some exterior damage.  To see the damage click www.saveogidaki.ca 

** V O L U N T E E R S **

Volunteers Jack, Sean and myself have visited Ogidaki Mountain on several occasions and one of our trips up the mountain, we came prepared with materials in-hand to clean-up the building (including sealing off windows and doors to keep the rain / snow out). 

** W H Y  P R E S E R V E  T H E   B U I L D I N G **

As you ascend Ogidaki Mountain, just beyond the 'Base-Camp' lies a very deceiving and nasty swamp.  Bikers and hikers have at times, had difficulty getting across and several have had their ATV's and dirt bikes swallowed up.  The building can be used as an emergency facility as well as a place to rest short-term or overnight.

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Ogidaki Mountain Fire Tower


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