Batchawana Mountain

A Sacred Mountain located in Algoma's Forest



Batchawana Mountain

  One of the higher points in the Algoma District, but more importantly, it's considered a sacred mountain by some. The unique thing about Batchawana Mountain is the vertical drop from the top to bottom (valley) is 1200' feet, which is one of the highest vertical drops of Ontario mountains. 

Contrary to what you read on the Internet, Batchawana Mountain is not 2140' high (above sea level).  Some inaccurate information on the Internet has Batchawana Mountain mixed up with Griffin Mountain, of which Griffin is actually 2140' and is located north-east of Batchawana Mountain.  My photo helps distinguish the difference between the two.  Look closely to the left and you will see the Fire tower on Griffin Mountain.  My GPS on the top of Griffin Mountain displayed 2140' for quite some time then finally settled at 2135'.  Batchawana Mountain is to the center-right and is lower in elevation.  The photo looks deceiving, because Griffin Mountain is further back.


Batchawana Mountain Map


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