McFadden and Carpenter-Hixon

(1910's to 1950's)

Lumber Camps

Algoma District (East)

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Thank you for visiting my website. Included are many photos and locations that I've researched and visited over the years.  This page in particular is devoted to McFadden, McFadden @ Malloy and Carpenter-Hixon lumber camps, which were operational in the Algoma District north of Blind River, Iron Bridge, Thessalon and Elliot Lake.  Two major water systems, the Mississagi and Little White River, were used in this era to move lumber from the bush camps to the mills in Blind River.  Although McFadden also operated in the Garden River and Webwood areas, the main focus of this webpage is East Algoma.


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White River Farm 
The White River Farm
McFadden Camp 1 
Camp #1 - Poulin TWP
Camp 4 
Camp #4 - Mississagi
Carpenter-Hixon Camp 5 
Camp #5 - East of Cedar
Camp 8 Lumber Camp
Camp #8 - White River
Camp 9
Camp #9 - Distant Lake
Camp 12 Lumber Camp
Camp #12 - Mount Lake
Camp 13 Lumber Camp
Camp #13 - May Not Exist
McFadden Lumber Camp 16
Camp #16
Camp 17
Camp #17 - Mississagi

Camp #20

Camp #21
Camp 24
Camp #24

Camp #25
Camp 28 Lumber Camp
Camp #28 - Aubrey Falls
Carpenter Hixon Camp 29
Camp #29 - Aubrey Falls
McFadden Camp 32
Camp #32 - Wenebegon

Camp #33 - Seabrook Rd.

Camp #36

Camp #37

Camp #40
McFadden Camp 41
Camp #41 - Camp 41 Lake


McFadden Camp 2 
Camp #2
McFadden Camp 3 
Camp #3

Camp #6 - Mississagi
McFadden Camp 7
Camp #7
McFadden Camp 10
Camp #10 - 2 Camp Cr.
Camp 11 Lumber Camp
Camp #11 - McElrea
Carpenter Hixon Camp 14
Camp #14
Camp 15
Camp #15 - Kindiogami
McFadden Camp 18
Camp #18 - Mississagi
McFadden Camp 19
Camp #19 - West of Miss.

Camp #22
Camp 23 Lumber Camp
Camp #23 - Kindiogami
McFadden Camp 26
Camp #26 - Aubrey Falls
McFadden Camp 27
Camp #27 - Sharpsand
Camp 30
Camp #30 - Aubrey Falls
McFadden Camp 31
Camp #31 - Wenebegon
Camp 34
Camp #34 - Aubrey Falls
McFadden Camp 35
Camp #35 - Aubrey Lake
McFadden Camp 38
Camp #38 - Peshu Lake
McFadden Camp 39
Camp #39 - Seabrook Lake
McFadden Camp 42
Camp 42 - Rocky Island
McFadden Lumber Camp
1939 - McFadden Camp 

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