Hope Lumber - Thessalon

The Hope Lumber company established a presence in Thessalon Ontario in the year 1912, by purchasing the Saginaw and Salt lumber mill from Sam Hagen. 

Owner  Edgar B. Foss from Bay City Michigan already owned and operated the E.B. Foss Lumber company in Bay City Michigan.

Hope Lumber was a significant logging player in Algoma.  They built and operated many lumber camps north of Iron Bridge along the Little White River and west of Ranger Lake in township 22 X.  Hope Lumber Camp #1 was located in township 169 (Albanel Township).  Camp numbering went as high at Camp #14 of which was located north of Endikai Lake (White Lake at the time). 

William Cashin logged in township 169 and sold logs to Hope Lumber.  Logs were dumped into the Little White River, then flowed to the Mississagi.  They were rounded up at the mouth of the river at Lake Huron and towed to the Thessalon Mill.

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Hope Lumber Company


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