Cook & Brothers

 Spragge, Ontario

Cook and Brothers were one of the 1st big lumber players to arrive along the North Shore in the late 1800's.  They built a significant sized mill in Spragge Ontario (Cook Mills).  which operated and processed logs coming down the Serpent River from many townships above.  The mill was very close to the Serpent River exit into Lake Huron.  A significant # of lumber camps were constructed and operated in several townships north of Spragge including what is now Elliot Lake and northward to Dunlop Lake and onward.  Tall white pine would be cut during winter months, then sleigh-hauled to nearby waterways that included Ten Mile, Dunlop (Long Lake), Quirke (Big Lake), Summers, Elliot, McCabe, Crotch, Ompa and other lakes in preparation for the spring logging drives. The mill was sold in 1906 to John Waldie (Waldie Brothers). 

Cook & Brothers built 2 major depots, one located on the east end of Depot Lake and the other on the north end of Big Moon Lake.  These depot camps would then distribute supplies to area logging camps.  Example:  The Big Moon Lake camp would supply Pathfinder, Summers, Dunlop, 10 Mile and Quirke Lumber Camps.  The Depot Lake camp would supply Pecore, Crotch, McCabe Camps.  Cook & Brothers also operated a Horse Farm 2 miles east of Kings Lake, along the Serpent River.  This is where horses were kept during summer months.

Personally, I have visited 3 Cook and Brothers camps and 1 Depot to-date.


Cook Brothers

Cook & Brothers Lumber Camp - Summers Lake

All items were left at the camp for future enthusiasts to enjoy


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